Hi everyone!

I’m Filippo. As Fullo wrote in the previous post, phpCollab is “moving ahead”. At the moment I’m the one who is working permanently at this project in collaboration with (and in the office of) Ideato s.r.l..

The new phpCollab will be developed with Symfony, Doctrine and following the agile methodologies such as TDD , DDD and XP. I’m speaking about a “new” application because it will inherit all the characteristics of the “old” Collab, re-written and updated, and it will have new featueres for making your project managment process as clear as possible. All the news about the project will be published here and as soon as we are at the “right” point we will tell you where to find a demo.

For those who wants to take a look at it, the source code is on github (phpCollab3). There is also a wiki that will be filled with all the information you will need, and hopefully with your comments and suggestions!
At this moment the project is under development and it is not reccomended to use it in “production”.

The phpCollab3 project is also possible thanks to “Consorsio Spinner”, “Comunità Europea”, “Ministero del Lavoro” and “Regione Emilia-Romagna”. As a matter of fact the “phpCollab3 project” has been presented to (and won) the Spinner2013 competition for projects about innovation.

Spinner2013, Comunità europea, Ministero del tesoro, Regione Emilia romagna

Spinner2013, Comunità Europea, Ministero del lavoro and Regione Emilia-Romagna

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