v2.5.1 released

A new patch has been released.  This release fixes issues with running phpCollab in PHP 5.x.


PHP 5.x Compatibility Changes

  • Fixing Assigning the return value of new by reference and Using a call-time pass-by-reference is prohibited issues for 5.x
  • Removed reference to $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS since it is deprecated
  • added composer.lock
  • Removed the magic_quotes check since it is no longer supported.
  • fixed all deprecated references. Examples, ereg, split, eregi, etc.
  • Cleaned up code formatting.
  • Removed the version_compare check for php 4.1.1 and the corresponding session_register/session_unregister calls
  • Removed session_register() calls


  • Renamed the langVlaue to languageArray to make it a more descriptive name
  • Refactored the language drop down to use the new method getDropdown.
  • Fix for issue #4 – don’t get language pt-br by default
  • Added a proper check to see if there is an associated custom_xx, where xx is a language/locale, and if one does not exist then default to English.
  • Added an exclusion to the data scrubber for the language setting. The scrubber was removing the dash from the locale causing it to not set the language properly.
  • Fix for issue #2 regarding the password mismatch

Download it here:



If you have any problems, please log an issue on Github.