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phpCollab IRC channel – come by!

For the IRC users out there, some of us phpCollab users and hackers
hang out on FreeNode. Come by and say hello :)

Server: irc.freenode.net
Channel: #phpcollab

Hope to see you there!

phpcollab v3 latest (late) news

Hi all,

I’m sorry for the “news blackout” on this blog. I’m here today to answer to all those people that are asking for news about phpCollab v3.

At the moment I’ve started working again on the project regularly. This means that I’m reserving some of my free time to keep developing phpCollab. During the last 6 months there were moments when I couldn’t work on this project, and, as this is an opensource project, nobody is obliged to work on it more that what they can/want.

Anyway, returning to what should be interesting: I’m nearly done with the users dashboards layout (thanks Adam!). From now on the goal of the development activities will be a release at the beginning of the summer.

This release should include all the basic functionalities for managing projects:

1) Dashboards for 4 different user group (developers, admin, project managers, customers)

2) Projects, milestones and issues management

3) Basic time management and activities logging

The development will be driven by the new layouts that Adam Patterson provided. This means using what is already in place with a new layout, and the creation of those functionalities that are “represented” on the layouts but not yet implemented.

Thanks again for your interest!

php 4.3.11, IE and file upload

The new incoming release of PHP (4.3.11) has a different behaviour on file name upload with IE. While uploading a file using IE the $_FILES[‘myfile’][‘name’] variable returns the entire upload path and not only the file name.

In example

  • firefox: $_FILES[‘myfile’][‘name’] = prova.txt
  • IE: $_FILES[‘myfile’][‘name’] = c:\misc\prova.txt

A possible solution should be to parse the name of the file using the basename function. But this is only an incomplete fix because with Linux the backslash is allowed inside a file name. So a complete fix (also back compatible) is:

$filename = str_replace(”, ‘/’, $_FILES[‘userfile’][‘name’]);

if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) {
$filename = basename(stripslashes($filename));
} else {
$filename = basename($filename);
echo $filename;

Note the use of the stripslashes() function to remove unnecessary data if the magic_quotes_gpc is enabled on the php.ini

Some references: