phpC Needs a New Project Manager

Dear phpC Community:

During the last year I have greatly enjoyed being the project manager of phpCollab and feel that we have helped keep the project rolling and even improving despite numerous setbacks. Unfortunately, my other commitments – namely those outside technology and software – are making it more and more difficult for me to focus on phpCollab’s expanding requirements. Therefore, phpC will need to find someone who can give his or her full attention to the team and the application. The current development lead, Fullo, has been doing most of the support and development work as well as coordinating other developers and he needs a strong PM to help delegate, organize, and forge the next revolution of the product.

phpC is looking for an individual who can devote at least 4 hours per week on managerial, organizational, and documentation tasks. This person should be an experienced project or product manager and be well-versed in scheduling, resourcing, and documentation creation. Because phpC is a scheduling application itself, being project/product manager of this product will enhance your resume and build on your experience in this arena. You will also make great connections with skilled open source programmers, designers, and other managers. If you are a consultant, you may be able to network with potential clients and vendors. Most of all you, as a user of phpC, will see the direct returns of a product well-managed.

We are accepting applications for the new project manager via the form on the phpC website.

Even if you have already filled out this form to join the team before but are now interested in the PM position, please fill it out again to be considered. In the comments section, indicate that you are applying for PM and briefly list your qualifications. Thanks!