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Planning for phpCollab 3

during the last weeks I’ve been busy with some issues about phpCollab and with its planning. It was not a simple task and I hope it will be ok! Actually, I’m working to get it right!

The planning I made has started yesterday and should reach its “end” at the end of October. All the user stories chosen are on the “what will be done” wiki page.
At the moment the objectives for October are :
– ACL management of permission
– Strengthening ticketing module and adding messages functionalities
– Introduction of module to manage resources and “time”
– Gantt chart functionality for planning a project/milestone and for looking after its progress

From now on I’ll try to commit every changes on the phpCollab 3 github repository as soon as my test are all green. Moreover I will try to keep synchronized the demo and the phpcollab_dev environment with the github repository.

In conclusion, I planned to release a stable version of phpCollab 3 at the end of August and one at the end of October. To anyone who wants to contribute just send an email to phpcollab [at] ideato.it.

Have a good week!!

Ending iterations, beginning iterations

Hi everyone,
I’m here again to give you some news about the development of phpCollab 3.
First of all, there are some news on the wiki (here) about a patch for sfDoctrinePlugin that it’s needed to have the new release of phpCollab 3 works on your computer.

During the last iteration, we have developed (more details here):
1) Features for managing milestones
2) Features to relate issues with issues and milestones with issues
3) Dashboard for projects and users
4) Actions to add comments to ticket
5) View of a simple project roadmap

We build up a demo of the actual phpCollab 3 and it can be found here. You can try it using “admin” and “user” (username == password). It has to be said that, from the point of view of the User Experience, this version it’s simple (or even poor). In the other hand we think that it could be a good start for phpCollab 3, hopefully a “new” important open-source project!!
About the UX, we are trying to find experts that could help us building phpCollab 3 in a better way! (for developers and end users) Therefore, if you (UX guys) want to help us, send us an email ( phpcollab [at] ideato.it)

For all the designers who sent us emails, we are waiting to have some materials about the UX and then we would like to start a contest about the GUI layout. Hence, we’ll let you know about the contest when we have some “mockups” about what a user should “experienced” during his/her navigation on phpCollab 3.

For the developers: other than remember you to have a look here, we will send you an email (in a couple of days) about the next iteration with all the details about the user stories that we would like to implement. You will also find that list on the wiki. Moreover the gituhb repository of phpCollab it has been updated with the latest release. Feel free to download it! Thanks for any help!