new year, new site!

we’ve updated the site moving all the old content to the wiki and to this blog, now any kind of update will be easier to mantain. Please give us some feedback on this!


#1 Roman on 01.04.05 at 4:57 am

Nice new look. Hope you can get the whole thing integrated to this format.

#2 Hans on 01.04.05 at 3:48 pm

Where is the demo? Has it been removed?

#3 fullo on 01.04.05 at 4:20 pm

for the moment, I’ll re-install it soon (I need a cronjob by the hosting company to recreate the demo db every day)

#4 Ron Toledo on 01.04.05 at 7:07 pm

The new website looks great! Thank you for continuing to develop this tool, which is invaluable to us!

#5 NorthFork on 01.05.05 at 5:10 am

Looks great! I was just checking in to see if there have been any new developments and Voila!


P.s. you can find a demo on the opensourcecms site, too.

#6 NorthFork on 01.05.05 at 5:15 am

BTW, where are the Mods, now?

#7 fullo on 01.05.05 at 8:46 am

the mods are on the forum if I find those very usefull will be added to the current devel else those remain on the forum..

I’ve added the demo on opensourcecms on the men? bar, thanks

#8 codehead on 02.02.05 at 12:55 pm

hey why not use your own product to run your own system here instead of a blog

#9 Fullo on 02.08.05 at 1:10 am

because phpC is not studied to create sites, but to manage projects. It’s a quite different task.. ;)