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This is a site where a clients/companies who need/want paid support can find that.

Being listed is of course free as our things like announcing phpCollab Bounties, Call for Tenders, Jobs, etc.

so, if you are phpC gurus or desperatly need some what are you waiting for? subscribe now!

Bounties, Grants and Tenders
There is a lot of money available for the development of Open Source based software but finding this work is hard. With our Database of Open Source Bounties, Grants and Tenders we have developed the first resource of its kind.

For companies it has never been easier to announce Open Source work they are willing to fund and for the over 1000 registered opensourcexperts it is extremely easy to track projects that fit their profile. Best of all it’s free for all!

User Management
lets you edit your personal data such as your password. If your also have the Company Manager role you can also add new users for your company.

Company Information
lets you either edit or add missing company data such as telephone numbers, address, and your company logo. The information you enter is displayed to customers during the bidding process and in our Solution Provider directory.

lets you search for jobs (using our Skills Wizard) and apply for jobs.

Solution Provider Index
lets you see your company’s Solution Provider Index Entry and all other Solution Providers.
Resources BLOG, Issue Tracker and XML Feed of all Fund Features.


#1 Peter on 02.27.05 at 12:50 pm

There are a lot of Freelance sites that have been around for a long time offering project work for opensource enthusiasts. ALance has a section dedicated to OpenSource and a site calle is completely dedicated to OpenSource. Whats more these two sites share donate funds back to the community.

My 2cents

#2 Peter on 02.27.05 at 12:51 pm

Omitted to place the urls, sorry. For those interested:

#3 Fullo on 02.28.05 at 11:39 am

great links peter :)

#4 Mark on 03.01.05 at 5:09 pm


I just wanted to point out that in contrast to other sites is *totally free* of charges for announcing Bounties, Call for Tender, Job, and of course for companies who want to list themselves in what is probably the largest directory of Open Source Solution Providers world-wide.



#5 John C. on 06.11.05 at 10:45 am

Peter, respect!!! :)

#6 mariuz on 08.02.05 at 9:37 am

I have already subscribed to it , Thanks ;)