phpCollab and Gentoo Linux

As you know phpCollab is installable in Gentoo Linux via emerge, now is possible to install also the lastest RCs! :)

Thanks a lot to the Gentoo www application crew!


#1 hron84 on 07.03.06 at 1:55 am

Hello, my name is George Hron.

I use this software in hungarian language, and i found a bug:

If a collation of MySQL database is utf8_general_ci, the strings will be short. It cutes the first non-english character. I think, does it the MySQL
If a database collation is latin2_hungarian_ci then the records will stored well, but the non-english characters replaced to ?-s.
I will be ask a question: it will be corrected or the non-english characters aren’t supported in records (such as:project name or tasks description)?

George Hron

#2 hron84 on 07.03.06 at 1:58 am

Oh, and why write this here? Because i uses phpcollab on gentoo server.. :)