Moving ahead

We are sorry, but in the latest month (years) we didn’t do a lot for the community. Now Ideato, a young Italian company, has decided to sponsoring us in the 3.0 development.

From on the release of 2.5 the 2.x development will be officially stopped and the code unsupported. If you still need help on it, on the community forum Mindblender will help you, but no bugfix or whatever will be official released.

As announced times ago, the new release will be based on Symfony framework and it will be placed on a new svn repository with a gitHub clone (so you can feel free to fork, branch and collaborate). As soon an usable alpha code release, very limited in functionalities, will be published we will start to eat our own dog food, using phpCollab to develop phpCollab.

Moreover we will work using Agile Methods and Extreme Programming. We will publish all the user stories decided until now and we will give you the ability to write your own suggestions and stories, then all the code will be created using a TDD approach to ensure to have a product fully unit and functional tested.

Ideato is also actively working to ensure to have any important things such a good interface based on IA and UX principles absolutely needed by a software like this. But If you have interesting ideas fell free to contact us.

Stay tuned.

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