Version 2.5

Is coming very soon!

We are finishing up the remaining bugs, which are for PostgreSQL. Once those are completed, we will be releasing version 2.5.

Also, with the 2.5 release we will offer a XAMPP Windows package. This will allow people to get up and running practically immediately in a windows environment. More details to come.


#1 nmincone on 08.06.08 at 7:38 pm

Excellent news! CVS is great tech but a chore. Looking forward to a new release. Of all the Project Tracking web apps out there, PHP-Collab is the easiest and cleanest I’ve found. Let’s hope the email notification bugs are all worked out! Without notification project tracking sinks like a stone. Keep up the good work! I’ve been following the development for years.

#2 a fan on 08.07.08 at 1:05 pm

Nice job guys. I really wait new updates.
Thank you for this great job that you do.

#3 Eugene on 08.22.08 at 9:42 am

Wow, the php collab development is still alive :) Today is Aug 22 date, how the version 2.5 is going?

#4 aouicher on 08.27.08 at 8:07 pm

More details to come ….

and ….

Can i have details please ??

#5 Raul Pombo on 09.13.08 at 1:02 am

Congratulations guys!
Go ahead with this tremendous application!!

#6 giorgio on 09.30.08 at 1:10 pm

Wow, great news, I was sure this project was dead! Would have been a shame, IMHO it is still the best open-source project management around…

#7 tb on 10.03.08 at 7:32 pm

I feel the same.
So said to check site month after month after month to see nothing…

I use this daily and would love more features.

#8 Julian on 10.09.08 at 10:26 am

More precisions about the release date?

#9 Julian on 10.09.08 at 10:37 am

I’m currently testing the RC3 version. I’d like to know if there’s a way to link an appointment (in the calendar) to a project, and send information only to the people involved in this project?!

#10 Joseph on 10.20.08 at 1:55 am

Any info about the upcoming release would be much appreciated. Thanks and good luck.


#11 czuma on 10.20.08 at 2:19 pm

What does it mean “soon”? About 2010 or 2080? :)

#12 Ugo on 10.23.08 at 9:32 am

Any news? i can’t wait!

#13 Matthew on 10.23.08 at 4:00 pm

Thx, if you need any testers pls do get in touch with me.

#14 Chris T on 10.25.08 at 12:53 am

I am such a huge fan of your project… keep it up, I can’t wait for 2.5! Good job guys!

#15 draque on 10.25.08 at 1:16 am

So totally agree… I just love phpCollab… It’s still be best!
Kudos to all developers who made this happen!

#16 Ron Toledo on 10.27.08 at 7:08 am

Thank you for keeping this project flying! It’s a great tool, simple and elegant. You’ve done great work; can’t wait to see more!

#17 Mindblender on 11.04.08 at 4:32 am

Thanks to everyone for their comments.

We appreciate all of the support.

Here is a quick update. I am shooting to have a release by the end of the year, if not sooner. We have most of the issues worked out and are just doing some final testing. We will be updating the XAMPP package as well, as long as there is interest in it.

We will try and keep you posted as progress is made.

#18 Victor Orrego on 11.07.08 at 8:07 pm

It’s the best tool to manage projects and merge it with help desk.

Keep it up guys!!

#19 Cristopher Gonzalez on 11.19.08 at 3:51 pm

Good day friend,
I want to take part in the project with improvements and tests of the system, if you wish it have a theme modified for my, that gustaria to share with the community, say to me we make to him to rest on the project and spend this theme to the demas users. We are in contact.

#20 JustinL on 11.26.08 at 6:23 pm

It’s by far the best WebPM, I just wonder if 2.5 will ever be released :(
I really hope so!

#21 Al Newkirk on 12.10.08 at 4:52 pm

I use phpCollab commercially and I love it, it’s a bit cumbersome (lot of clicking and could use a touch of ajax) but has everything you would expect and need from a project management application. I would love to be a beta tester, can someone let me know if thats possible? Can’t wait for the new release, hope i can migrate my database to use the new one. Hope it uses some ajax.

#22 Mindblender on 12.12.08 at 5:55 am

@Al Newkirk
Al, since this is an open source project, anyone can be a “beta” tester. All you need to do is download the code from CVS and install it! Pretty simple. hehe :)

Refer to the wiki for instructions on how to obtain the CVS version.

#23 Swanand Pagnis on 12.26.08 at 7:37 am


I’ve been working on phpCollab for the last one year and have made numerous additions and bug fixes for my employer. We extensively use it at our organization.
I would like to contribute to phpCollab. I already have a good grasp over the source code.
Let me know if you are interested. I’ll send a detailed feature list. Also give me an email address where I can contact you guys.

#24 Adam Patterson on 12.27.08 at 6:23 pm

Will the new version be compatible with PHP 6?

#25 Mindblender on 12.28.08 at 6:07 pm

@Adam Patterson
Officially we are not supporting PHP6 at this time. All of the development & testing we are doing is being done on PHP4 and PHP5.

#26 Mindblender on 12.28.08 at 6:09 pm

@Swanand Pagnis
You can find my contact information in the forums. Feel free to shoot me a private message or email me with any questions you might have.

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